The ARDEX Offshore System

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For the last 30 years, ARDEX Skandinavia A/S has delivered fast and secure solutions within the cement based internal deck coverings for the marine and offshore industry. The various solutions has been developed in close corporation with the installers and day-to-day users, and has been tested on thousands of square meters applied throughout the Nordic countries.

Simple, but lasting high quality solutions
Today, ARDEX Offshore system consists of five different solutions where the selfsmoothing leveling compound can be fixed directly to the steel deck, and one solution enabling an A60 floating floor construction using ARDEX A 35 MIX. Using this method, you are able to lay out a layer thickness from 1- 50 mm in one workflow.
This gives the user the freedom to select the ideal solution for job. A simple but lasting solution.

Rapid is key
At ARDEX we realize, that ships and drilling rigs are not built for lying in harbor. That is why the components of ARDEX Offshore systems are rapid hardening. All types of internal cement based deck coverings will be hardened within *24 hours.
Our offshore systems meets the need for quick solutions within rapid steel deck coverings. All of the products has undergone all of the necessary fire tests and all have certificates from DNV and The U.S. Coastguard.


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